Hands care


Hands can be compared with a business card, so taking care for hands is as important as facial treatments. By grooming level of your hands and well-manicured nails people often can judge about your social status, age, field of activities and other information about person. The process of hand care in our beauty salon can be also considered a relaxing procedure.

  • Well-groomed hands
  • Healthy nails
  • Stylish look

The GENESIS BEAUTÉ beauty salon offers a variety of hands care programs. In addition to classical and hardware manicure with various types of nail polishes or the “French” polish covering. Also we offer an express manicure with different kinds of varnish. In addition, we can offer you the nail extensions.

Hands care treatments are popular now not only among women, but also among men. Well-groomed hands are an indispensable attribute of the social status of any modern man.

Our experts can also offer you nail art extensions of any level of complexity. This type of nail extensions allows you to fully express yourself and your creative ideas: our specialist will make your wishes true.

We also can offer you the procedure of Paraffin therapy baths for hands. This is one of the most effective treatments for hand care, known since ancient times. Paraffin has a rejuvenating effect on the hands skin, nourishes it and saturates nutrients and active agents, making it smooth and silky.

Prices of procedures

Price (CHF)
  • Manicure procedure
  • Сolor or healing nail polish
  • Hands massage
60 min.
French manicure
  • Manicure procedure
  • French nail polish
  • Hands massage
75 min.
Nail polish
  • Nail polish of already prepared nails (manicure is not included)
20 min.
  • Shaping nails
  • Nail polish
  • Hands massage
40 min.
French express-manicure
  • Shaping nails
  • French nail polish
  • Hands massage
45 min.
Gel polish covering by Gel Color O.P.I
  • Gel polish covering by Gel Color O.P.I (manicure is not included)
50 min.
Strengthening nails with ruber base
  • Strengthening + color (manicure not included)
75 min.
Manicure + nail strengthening with ruber base + color
120 min.
125 French+10
French gel polish covering
  • French gel polish covering (manicure is not included)
60 min.
Gel nail extensions «a la Naturelle»
  • Gel nail extensions
120 min.
French or colorful gel nail extensions
  • Gel nail extensions
120 min.
Correction of gel nail extensions «a la Naturelle»
  • Correction of gel nail extensions «a la Naturelle»
110 min.
Correction of French or colorful gel nail extensions
  • Correction of French or colorful gel nail extensions
120 min.
Nail art extensions
  • Nail art extensions of any complexity level
Depends on complexity

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Due to our beauticians busy schedules, we recommend to arrange the appointments in advance.

Après l’accouchement ,ma silhouette s’est fortement transformée au point que j’ai du faire appel a des spécialistes,mon choix s’est porté sur “Genesis beauté” et je dois remercier Marina pour m’avoir aidé à retrouver mon corps et ma confiance.

Vera Berg

Équipe très professionnelle,conseils individuels en prenant compte de chaque problème,1ère séance de peeling avec déjà des résultats visibles,hâte d’y retourner pour la 2eme !!!

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Cliente habituée depuis longue date,j’adore l’accueil ,la bonne humeur et la détente avant,pendant et après chaque séance. On se sent rajeunir et peu de personnes arrive à deviner mon âge réel ! Merci au personnel de Genesis beauté !!!

Lilly Jansson